Starlings at Albert Bridge, Belfast

There’s a rather nice murmuration of starlings each night as they go to roost under Albert Bridge in Belfast. This is a relatively small flock but is nonetheless an impressive sight as they dive under the bridge just as dusk falls. I’ve watched it several times but have not witnessed them being attacked by any predators, which would result in those awesome formations that occur when they swarm together to escape their attacker. Still it is a wonderful spectacle and well worth the time to view and photograph.

Starlings going to roost under Albert Bridge in Belfast
Sunset image as the birds head for their roost. There’s a rush of birds that fall out of the sky very quickly. I’ve tried to capture an image that conveys something of the event in its city context.
Albert Bridge Starlings
Moody black and white image of starlings coming to roost at Albert Bridge in Belfast


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