January 19, 2012

Blue Tit Photos in frosty conditions

It’s been a drab windy winter so far and conditions uninspiring from a photography point of view. But the recent clear frosty days have added a sparkle to the landscape and an X-factor to images. This little blue tit posed for it’s photo before jumping onto a feeder to grab a sunflower seed.

November 16, 2011

Get Photos of a Ringed Plover without a hide

I can remember photographing Ringed Plovers in my teens when I’d found a pair nesting on a patch of ground covered in gravel and stones. It took quite a bit of fieldcraft to discover their nest site – a shallow scrape of small stones and grit with four wonderfully camouflaged eggs. I introduced a hide

October 27, 2011

Movie poster image

One of my ‘swarming-birds’ images has been selected and used on a movie poster to promote the US based production ‘Take Shelter’. It’s nice to see my image used in such a high-profile context. here’s the poster:-

October 21, 2011

Salmon Leaping up Black Linn Falls on the River Braan

I’ve just returned from a brief trip North to watch salmon leaping up waterfalls as they make their way upstream for spawning. It’s truly an astonishing sight. I’m amazed that they make it at all when they encounter high fast-flowing torrents of water like those on the River Braan at The Hermitage in Perthshire. The

April 11, 2011

Image of Coots Fighting

Bird activity around some nearby wetlands is getting quite exciting now with hundreds of sandmartins snatching insects from near the water surface and coots squabbling over territory. Their fights are ferocious and often continue for some considerable time. Photographing them isn’t easy as its difficult to predict where the battle will breakout. Coots are amazing