July 20, 2012

Image of Bee Orchid

Some wild bee-orchids have grown up on an industrial site where the business owner has allowed the lawns to grow. An abundance of flowers bloomed, but I was a tad too late finding them. This one is still pretty good but not in peak condition. Nontheless, a great find. Lets hope they’re allowed to grow

July 20, 2012

Red Fox Images

I was recently invited to take some pictures of a red fox family that regulary come to the garden of some friends. I didn’t need a second invitation and was soon waiting in the pre-dawn gloom for siogns of life amongst the shrubs. The vixen had made her den underneath a neighbours summer house and

July 19, 2012

Mute Swans and Cygnets Photos

Some subjects like Mute Swans offer endless opportunities for trying different images and improving existing shots. A pair on my local patch are in a nice open space where the sweet rays of early morning sunshine illuminate the place beautifully.

July 19, 2012

Ospreys photography at Rothiemurchus

Osprey Photography at the Rothiemurchus trout fishery.      

February 8, 2012

Bird photos in Extremadura, Spain

I recently made a trip to Extremadura and had the opportunity to photograph griffon vultures and cranes. Its a beautiful area with wide-open vistas, warm sunshine and fantastic wildlife. The cork oak and holm oak trees provide a nature-friendly habitat for a host of animals to forage for food and make a home. Watching great